Ep 19 SNOWMEN HUNTERS: Tricia Helfer Gets Everett Divorced

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In a very special episode of SNOWMEN HUNTERS, Everett and Meika?s marriage comes to a shocking crossroads when he reveals his interest in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?S Tricia Helfer. Or maybe, their relationship was already doomed. DDDOOOOMMMED! And Everett makes out with a tree.

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Well, it’s been a big week for Zanzibar19 and the SNOWMEN HUNTERS.

Started off with that little drama of getting Episode 19 of SNOWMEN HUNTERS banned from YouTube. Luckily, the mysterious powers that grease the Tube gears saw fit to return the episode to it’s rightful place. And all it took was sacrificing three DUCE BIGALOW DVDs to the gods of Internet video… not that anyone will be missing them. Needless Rob Schneider cheap-shot anyone? I’ve got a million. I really do. That river of bile runs deep. (By the way, I got the link for DUCE BIGALOW by typing in ‘Rob Schneider sucks’ into Google, and it appropriately took me to his Wikipedia bio. How perfect is that?) But I digress…

But it ended on real high point, with Veoh.com’s VIRAL seeing fit to highlight our idiocy in their Season 2 premiere. So apparently acting like idiots on the Internet is good for more than losing a senate race (George Allen reference…? Anyone…? Too late? Damn). Anyway, VIRAL‘s world famous Sunny Gault came out to interview us as we were hip deep into shooting the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3 of the SNOWMEN HUNTERS. We’re also glad to announce our bona fied guest star in this Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day episode… wait for it… Sunny Gault! Can you believe the synchronicity? No? Well how about blackmail? Threats of violence? Well whatever works for you.

So be sure to tune into our next new episode, this Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day episode with Ms. Gault as she goes on a ride-along with Sherman and Everett, COPS-style. It’ll be… well, exactly what you’d think.


SNOWMEN HUNTERS EPISODE 19 banned from YouTube!

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Konichiwa Kids!

C&R of Zanzibar19.com here, with a little word on “SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 19: Tricia Helfer Gets Everett Divorced.” Long story short, it’s been banned from YouTube. Now we suspect it’s because you can see the great Ms. Helfer nearly in the buff from a recent issue of Playboy, but that’s only a guess.

While we love YouTube and all video sharing sites like crazy, it seems they made a boo-boo here. We’re working now to get it back up. We think they made an understandable mistake, so we’re trying to chat with them about it.

Point is, very shortly you’ll be able to see the BANNED episode at Zanzibar19.com, whether or not they decide to un-BAN the episode. We’ll be back later today with an update. Until then, you can see the episode here:

Zanzibar19 @ Revver.com

Thanks for watching!

Zanzibar19 discovers magic secret of Apple, Steve Jobs

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One of the fun aspects of having a little Internet show like SNOWMEN HUNTERS is Ryan and I are kind of forced to pay attention to the main ways our viewers watch the show. This means of course, we have to get new iPods with every updated generation. Yes, it’s… it’s a very tough life (that can melt your plastic credit cards if you don’t watch yourself, but I digress…)

Of course, we were twitching in anticipation of the iPhone announcement, and Ryan said something that really revealed the difference between Steve Jobs, Apple, and well, everybody/everyone/everything else who make computers/phones/etc.

“Jobs just does the obvious,” he said, as the highest compliment. As we both watched the updated blog on Engadget, it became obvious the legendary Apple magic is they do what everyone else does, but they just do it right. THERE IS NO MAGIC PEOPLE. It’s just a guy who pushes until stuff is cool. Until it’s good. Until it at least doesn’t suck. He doesn’t settle for the usual computer-engineer-instruction-book-wasteland most tech companies do.

How many of us have wanted an MP3 player to just plain work easily? How many have just wanted a phone that’s not a total pain in the ass to use? Um, everyone? And who breaks the ground in making the cool bells and whistles of tech easy to use? Jobs, and Apple. He doesn’t rest until how to find a song, how to make a call, how to open a file is OBVIOUS to someone who’s just picked up whatever gadget Apple has created. He does the favor to his customers of making his stuff easy to use. Thanks, Mr. Jobs.

Yes, this is already a love-fest for Jobs, so just ask this in your life and you’ll be more of a bad-ass: What would Steve do? We would, but he’d probably not spend his time making a show about hunting snowmen, but don’t do as we do, do as we say. We’re lovable hypocrites like that.

Announcements coming from Zanzibar19…

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Hey Kids,

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Thanks for reading, and watching.

STAR TREK continues to give good geek in iTunes

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Signed onto iTunes today to spend a few more of those gift cards, and do a vanity check on SNOWMEN HUNTERS, and what do I find? You can now buy Season 1 of the original STAR TREK on iTunes now. How did I not know this was coming? And how many episodes will I buy? One so far (I’m a geek like that).

And how long until I buy an episode of VOYAGER? Check back when Hell freezes over, and I probably still won’t have bought one.

See you in a few hours with the new episode.


SNOWMEN fan arrested, Ep 16 update…

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So it’s finally happened. We feared it would. Suspected it would. We warned against it. But now it has happened.

The first person has supposedly been arrested for emulating SNOWMEN HUNTERS shinanigans. He’s one of our fans, and let us know through our YouTube account. We’re not sharing his name because, well, he might officially be a criminal now, and we’re not squealers. We don’t know nothin’. Also, we’re small-boned and delicate, and wouldn’t survive in prison. We can’t afford cross powerful people.

Now we don’t know if he was actually shooting at other people’s snowmen, but whatever. The upshot of this missive is, don’t actually use guns to shoot at snowmen. Unless they’re your snowmen, on your land, and it’s already legal to shoot guns there.

Also, we have an update on Episode 16: Shotguns vs. Teddy Bears. It’s another episode in our ‘What Snowmen Hunters do in summer’ collection. It’s funny. It’s great. And it’s now on a hard-drive that is broken. That means it’ll be up next week, on January 3rd, but those of you who are in the know already realize you can find it on YouTube late Tuesday nights usually.

Now to keep our loyal viewers sated, we’re giving an encore of Episode 4: Fart Tank Fiasco. It’s a ridiculous (threre’s that word agtain) high point in the show. Enjoy.

Also, don’t forget to join the contest. Details can be found here.

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