Zanizbar19 Hijacks YouTube

Why do criminal defense lawyers who specialize in murder trials, copyright law AND international laws of the high seas cost so much? BECAUSE THEY’RE WORTH IT.

Long story short, Ryan and I are back from an, um, uh… unplanned incarcerated related sabatical, and we’ve hijacked YOUTUBE’s front page, and here’s a video talking about our choices:

So now that we’re back, we’re going to be cranking out some weirder, wilder, crazier stuff than before.

Thanks for having our backs friends, and we’ll be chatting again soon.

P.S. It’s true what they say about prison. The bedspreads are fabulous.


~ by zanzibar19 on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “Zanizbar19 Hijacks YouTube”

  1. I love your youtube shows I watch them every day I think you guys should try a granad to the head that would be cool. but i love your show good luck with your shows.

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