The Thing About Episode 34 is…

Well, even the crazy bastards at Zanzibar19 get snowed under by daily life.

The latest proof: because of some scheduling conflicts and a different idea we have for Episode 34 (it’ll be unlike any episode so far) we aren’t able to get it out this week.

Yeah, SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 34 will come next week. Um… Sorry about that. We hate getting off our schedule, but believe it or not, we’re just mortal men, and can’t solve every problem. Yes, yes, it surprised our wives, girlfriends, mistresses and Larry Craig too.

But we do invite you to take another fine look at one of our favorite episodes of Season 3: SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 33: Flamethrower! Yes, yes, it’s the last episode, but the thing is… it’s got a FLAMETHROWER! Come on! A FLAMETHROWER!!!

So with that, we leave you, and invite you over to our Zanzibar19 forums to bitch and moan about how we failed to have an episode this week. We suck. We know.

Thanks for watching,



~ by zanzibar19 on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “The Thing About Episode 34 is…”

  1. yay for flamethrower

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