Well, it’s been a big week for Zanzibar19 and the SNOWMEN HUNTERS.

Started off with that little drama of getting Episode 19 of SNOWMEN HUNTERS banned from YouTube. Luckily, the mysterious powers that grease the Tube gears saw fit to return the episode to it’s rightful place. And all it took was sacrificing three DUCE BIGALOW DVDs to the gods of Internet video… not that anyone will be missing them. Needless Rob Schneider cheap-shot anyone? I’ve got a million. I really do. That river of bile runs deep. (By the way, I got the link for DUCE BIGALOW by typing in ‘Rob Schneider sucks’ into Google, and it appropriately took me to his Wikipedia bio. How perfect is that?) But I digress…

But it ended on real high point, with’s VIRAL seeing fit to highlight our idiocy in their Season 2 premiere. So apparently acting like idiots on the Internet is good for more than losing a senate race (George Allen reference…? Anyone…? Too late? Damn). Anyway, VIRAL‘s world famous Sunny Gault came out to interview us as we were hip deep into shooting the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3 of the SNOWMEN HUNTERS. We’re also glad to announce our bona fied guest star in this Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day episode… wait for it… Sunny Gault! Can you believe the synchronicity? No? Well how about blackmail? Threats of violence? Well whatever works for you.

So be sure to tune into our next new episode, this Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day episode with Ms. Gault as she goes on a ride-along with Sherman and Everett, COPS-style. It’ll be… well, exactly what you’d think.



~ by zanzibar19 on February 11, 2007.

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