SNOWMEN HUNTERS EPISODE 19 banned from YouTube!

Konichiwa Kids!

C&R of here, with a little word on “SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 19: Tricia Helfer Gets Everett Divorced.” Long story short, it’s been banned from YouTube. Now we suspect it’s because you can see the great Ms. Helfer nearly in the buff from a recent issue of Playboy, but that’s only a guess.

While we love YouTube and all video sharing sites like crazy, it seems they made a boo-boo here. We’re working now to get it back up. We think they made an understandable mistake, so we’re trying to chat with them about it.

Point is, very shortly you’ll be able to see the BANNED episode at, whether or not they decide to un-BAN the episode. We’ll be back later today with an update. Until then, you can see the episode here:

Zanzibar19 @

Thanks for watching!


~ by zanzibar19 on February 1, 2007.

One Response to “SNOWMEN HUNTERS EPISODE 19 banned from YouTube!”

  1. did anyone see the last episode of snowmen hunters will there be another i fucking hope so

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