SNOWMEN fan arrested, Ep 16 update…

So it’s finally happened. We feared it would. Suspected it would. We warned against it. But now it has happened.

The first person has supposedly been arrested for emulating SNOWMEN HUNTERS shinanigans. He’s one of our fans, and let us know through our YouTube account. We’re not sharing his name because, well, he might officially be a criminal now, and we’re not squealers. We don’t know nothin’. Also, we’re small-boned and delicate, and wouldn’t survive in prison. We can’t afford cross powerful people.

Now we don’t know if he was actually shooting at other people’s snowmen, but whatever. The upshot of this missive is, don’t actually use guns to shoot at snowmen. Unless they’re your snowmen, on your land, and it’s already legal to shoot guns there.

Also, we have an update on Episode 16: Shotguns vs. Teddy Bears. It’s another episode in our ‘What Snowmen Hunters do in summer’ collection. It’s funny. It’s great. And it’s now on a hard-drive that is broken. That means it’ll be up next week, on January 3rd, but those of you who are in the know already realize you can find it on YouTube late Tuesday nights usually.

Now to keep our loyal viewers sated, we’re giving an encore of Episode 4: Fart Tank Fiasco. It’s a ridiculous (threre’s that word agtain) high point in the show. Enjoy.

Also, don’t forget to join the contest. Details can be found here.

Thanks for watching,




~ by zanzibar19 on December 27, 2006.

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