One Tough Bastard

•February 11, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Zanizbar19 Hijacks YouTube

•May 22, 2008 • 1 Comment

Why do criminal defense lawyers who specialize in murder trials, copyright law AND international laws of the high seas cost so much? BECAUSE THEY’RE WORTH IT.

Long story short, Ryan and I are back from an, um, uh… unplanned incarcerated related sabatical, and we’ve hijacked YOUTUBE’s front page, and here’s a video talking about our choices:

So now that we’re back, we’re going to be cranking out some weirder, wilder, crazier stuff than before.

Thanks for having our backs friends, and we’ll be chatting again soon.

P.S. It’s true what they say about prison. The bedspreads are fabulous.

All Good Things…

•December 19, 2007 • 4 Comments

Well kids, it’s been a fun, ridiculous, stupidly fun ride. But tonight it comes to an end.

We’ve just flung up the series finale of SNOWMEN HUNTERS, and while we might do a few British-Version-of-the-OFFICE style one shot specials, it’ll be a long while before we see Sherman and Everett again. But fear not (or, depending, don’t celebrate too fast) as Zanzibar19 is here to stay when it comes to Internet comedy. More on that in the coming weeks.

That being said, we’ve come today to send SNOWMEN HUNTERS off in style. Along those lines we snagged Mark Day from the For Parody Purposes Only site and MarkDayComedy on YouTube, and Tom Merritt and Molly Wood from one of our favorite podcasts, CNet’s Buzz Out Loud as special guest-stars. They were good sports to sully themselves as they have on our accounts. Thanks.

So, we hope you like it. We’ve really appreciated everyone watching our little show, and hope to have some good stuff for you very soon.


The Thing About Episode 34 is…

•October 2, 2007 • 1 Comment

Well, even the crazy bastards at Zanzibar19 get snowed under by daily life.

The latest proof: because of some scheduling conflicts and a different idea we have for Episode 34 (it’ll be unlike any episode so far) we aren’t able to get it out this week.

Yeah, SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 34 will come next week. Um… Sorry about that. We hate getting off our schedule, but believe it or not, we’re just mortal men, and can’t solve every problem. Yes, yes, it surprised our wives, girlfriends, mistresses and Larry Craig too.

But we do invite you to take another fine look at one of our favorite episodes of Season 3: SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 33: Flamethrower! Yes, yes, it’s the last episode, but the thing is… it’s got a FLAMETHROWER! Come on! A FLAMETHROWER!!!

So with that, we leave you, and invite you over to our Zanzibar19 forums to bitch and moan about how we failed to have an episode this week. We suck. We know.

Thanks for watching,


Zanzibar19 ridiculousness, and the future of SNOWMEN HUNTERS

•March 14, 2007 • 3 Comments

Well kids, SNOWMEN HUNTERS has been one crazy ass ride. And it’s not over yet.
Since premiering September 6, 2006, we have put out 24 episodes and one PSA, and have produced about 145 minutes of snowman-slaughtering, tape-recorder-fart-tanking, man-on-stick-loving crazy-ass-comedy ridiculousness.

Ryan and Chris, along with their elite and criminally unpaid crew have created enough written/acted/edited/posted hours of entertainment to make up 6 episodes of THE OFFICE, one and a half ANCHORMANs, two episodes of SNL and almost two DUCE BIGALO: EUROPEAN GIGALOs.

Now, are we saying we’re equal or better than THE OFFICE, ANCHORMANs, SNL or DUCE BIGALOW ? No, no, sometimes, and you’re Goddamn right we are.

But with today’s Season 2 finale, we’re starting a new chapter in the SNOWMEN HUNTERS story and for that of our site, , where we make HUNTERS.

For the first time, we’re taking a break from posting weekly episodes of HUNTERS. We want to assure our fans and friends that doesn’t mean SNOWMEN HUNTERS is gone. In fact, we’ve shot a good chunk of Season 3, and will be premiering it in the coming weeks. Between now and then, we’ll be posting vlogs answering questions about HUNTERS, as well as putting up deleted scenes and other HUNTERS related vids.

Why are we doing this? To make more comedy. In order to make other shorts and skits, and have enough time to do SNOWMEN HUNTERS we need to juggle our calendar a little more carefully. What that will produce is more HUNTERS and also new skits, shorts, vlogs and general stupidity

We’ve been very successful, and think with a few tweaks and time to organize we might be able to snag enough scratch to make HUNTERS and our other comedy videos full time. More on that when it happens.

So what does this mean for Joe and Jane SNOWMEN HUNTERS lover? Where will they get their Sherman fix? Will they be able to live without Everett being retarded on a weekly basis? Probably, but not very happily.

We’d like to say to them that we’ll still be putting out vlogs and news updates as outlined above, but there’s also the world of SNOWMEN HUNTERS T-shirts, our Forums discussing all things HUNTERS , and of course, 24 of the most ridiculous episodes of anything you’re likely to ever see.

So sit back, relax, and catch up on the episodes of HUNTERS you might have missed. We’ll be back soon with a ridiculous amount of comedy, and we just might surprise you over the next few weeks with some crazy, mid-season Zanzibar19 style stupidity. Because, you know, we’ve got a lot of that.

Episode 21 coming Wednesday night

•February 20, 2007 • 1 Comment

Hey kids,

Just a quick note to say SNOWMEN HUNTERS Episode 21 will be coming out, well, actually on Wednesday. We say actually because while we promise to have episodes out on Wednesdays, we usually have them out Tuesday nights. But this week, a Wednesday premiere means a Wednesday premiere.

Also, be sure to come over to and sign-up for our newsletter. We’ll be having some SNOWMEN HUNTERS related news getting broken in the new issue later this week!

Slurpees: Spit or Swallow? A SNOWMEN HUNTERS Public Service Announcement

•February 13, 2007 • 1 Comment

Just what makes your 7-11 Slurpee creamy? What makes your icy cold soda fizzy? If you believe the SNOWMEN HUNTERS’ Sherman Rance in Zanzibar19’s first Public Service Announcement, you really don’t want to know.

If you like what you see (you wonderful sick bastard) come over to to sign up for our newsletter, check out our other episodes, and get a link to subscribe to the SNOWMEN HUNTERS on iTunes or!